SQR-004: How to publish your proceedings with CoMPAAS

  • Frossie Economou

Latest Revision: 2015-01-01


This is a proposed HOWTO contributed by an AAS/WGAS taskforce describing how might use the CoMPASS workflow to have materials from a conference or workshop published as a volume of the virtual Conference & Meeting Proceedings of the AAS journal, including obtaining DoIs and ADS indexing for citation. It will eventually transition out of this documentation space.


Workshops and conferences now generate a wealth of information, most of which do not create any printed proceedings. Sometimes these are the only potentially citable sources of technical information. Artifacts from such meetings (videos, slide presentations, posters) are either not collected, or connected on evanescent wiki sites. Even when there are published formally, they often end up inaccessible behind paywalls - a particularly cruel irony for open source licensed software often contributed on a volunteer basis.

In late 2015, AAS and its Working Group on Astromical Software (WGAS) organised a taskforce to develop a process to have meeting proceedings easily converted into a virtual proceedings volume indexed by the Astrophyics Data System (ADS).

If such a process were to be adopted, the AAS would guarantee the preservation of these virtual proceedings. This document covers the current implementation details, but these might substantially change in the future.


There are three principle actors in this workflow.

The workshop organiser(s) or their proxy
A speaker attending the conference and/or contributing material to the proceedings
The AAS Director of Publishing or their proxy

While artifacts that come out of a conference presentation are varied, in this document we use three representational examples:

A presentation where there are multiple source materials, such as a video of the talk, and a slide presentation.
A presentation where there is a single source material but perhaps with multiple renderings (eg. ppt and pdf).
A presentation resulting a paper that is prepared on a significantly different timescale than the conference. This paper may have been represented at the conference by another artifact (such as a talk or a poster) but the paper is considered a seperate artifact.

The following sections describe how publishing the virtual proceedings for an imaginary Second Workshop on Wormholes.


Poster workflow